Our Green Practices

Rose’s Automotive is dedicated to preserving our environment.  In 2013 Rose’s Automotive added a 25kW electric solar panel  system which generates clean energy to operate the shop. Over the course of the year, our solar arrays produce over 75% of our power needs for our 8,400 sqft. facility. During the summer months, our solar system covers 100% of our power needs. We not only installed this system because it makes good financial sense for a business, but also because at Rose’s we feel a strong commitment to helping reduce our carbon footprint.

In addition Rose’s recycles cardboard, paper, waste oil, anti-freeze, metals and old tires. We’re sensitive to properly disposing of waste so the toxic chemicals in anti-freeze or engine oils don’t make their way into our environment inadvertently. Old tires find a second life as fuel for energy, ground up material to be put back into roads as asphalt, as blasting mats, and even as playground mulch and on athletic fields.